Frequently Asked Questions

How does Child Care Subsidy (CCS) work?

The Child Care Subsidy is a financial assistance system to help cover the cost of child care. How much you receive depends on a number of factors, including your family’s income, the age of your child, and the paid and unpaid activities, like your job or volunteer work, your family is involved in. You will receive a percentage subsidy on the daily rate of childcare/kindergarten, plus a total number of hours for which you will be subsidised (up to 100 hours per fortnight.)

How will my child's rest needs be met?

We work with each family and their child’s individual needs for sleep and rest. For children to learn to their optimum, they need sufficient sleep/rest. Infants (under 12 months) sleep in cots that meet Australian safety standards, along with a fitted sheet and if needed, a sleeping bag. Children aged over 12 months are able to rest and sleep on a portable mat with a sheet, blanket, and if needed, a sleeping bag and any comfort items. Older children who do not require a sleep during the day are offered the opportunity to rest, or engage in mindfulness and relaxing experiences. We acknowledge that every child is unique and so are their needs for rest.

Do you partake in incursions and excursions?

Children of all ages in our setting engage in regular outings related to the program and to the wider community. This includes, but is not limited to, bush kindergarten, the neighbouring reserve and playground, walks within the nearby community, the post box, the local Primary Schools, and the local cafe. Other excursions and incursions are organised based according to each class’s curriculum and children’s interests. All excursions and regular outings involve a risk assessment and family permission.

How does the Kindergarten funding work in a childcare setting?

Your child’s Kindergarten funding can be allocated to only one early years setting. If you choose to allocate this funding to Friendship Square ELC, you will receive an additional $50 off your fees per week, after the CCS gap fee.

What is the orientation process?

Our orientation process involves two 1 hour sessions. The first session promotes the children’s sense of belonging in the environment, as a family member stays with them, spending time in the room together. This is an opportunity for the child and the family member to familiarise themselves with the educators, other children, and activities. On the second session, we encourage the family member to say goodbye to their child, and leave the room/centre. This process lets your child know that when you leave, you do return.