Our Classrooms

Possum Room

The Possum Room caters for our smallest members, aged from 4 months to 2 years, and provides a range of fun and stimulating activities that encourage social interaction, language development and refinement of both gross and fine motor skills.

Wombat Room

The Wombat Room is our toddler room, engaging our 2 year olds in exciting activities that aim to further develop language skills, collaboration with others and self-help skills such as getting dressed, using utensils to eat and toileting.

Kookaburra Room (3 year old Kinder)

The Kookaburra Room operates our new 3 year old kindergarten program, offering our 3 year old children a range of exciting activities that further language skills, foster independence and encourage creativity and problem solving.

Bilby Room (4 year old Kinder)

The Bilby Room provides a dedicated kindergarten program with a strong emphasis on school readiness, easing your child’s transition into primary school and equipping them with skills to enable them to tackle the challenges ahead of them. Friendship Square’s school readiness program builds a framework for success in learning. It nurtures confidence, resilience and creativity, and facilitates the development of critical skills in literacy, numeracy and inquiry. It provides opportunities for your child to work on refining gross and fine motor skills through a range of activities that stimulate their interests.