Our Environment

Our expansive outdoor environments serve as natural classrooms, providing opportunities for children to connect with and learn in nature. Through a combination of child-led and teacher-initiated play, children engage in a wide range of educational experiences. The outdoor environment not only offers physical, social and sensory benefits, but also nurtures independence, fosters healthy risk-taking and enhances problem-solving skills.

Inside, our learning spaces are designed to be child-centric, calming, and homely, creating a tranquil and inviting atmosphere. The opportunities for learning are designed based on current research and evidence, encouraging constructive play, imaginative play, and social skills.

We provide a nurturing, safe and secure environment dedicated to enhancing the overall wellbeing of each child at Friendship Square ELC. We recognise that wellbeing encompasses the complete experience of a child’s development.

We prioritise inclusion, ensuring high standards for every child’s earliest years in education. Our educators partner with families and Inclusion Support facilities to support children’s learning and development, both within their homes, in the education setting, and in the wider community.